Left Brain


Left Brizzle, Mellow, Scottie Pimpin', David McGruffin

Real name

Vyron Dalyan Turner


December 29, 1989

Known for

Being a member and producer of Odd Future, Mellowhype, and Mellowhigh

Left Brain (born Vyron Turner) is a American rapper, record producer, and photographer best known for being a member and the main producer of the Los Angeles collective, Odd Future. He is one half of Mellowhype and the third of Mellowhigh.

Early LifeEdit

Turner attended Crenshaw High School with fellow Odd Future member, Mike G. He is also the godfather of Hodgy's son, Trenton.


Turner, also known as Left Brain is a founding member of Odd Future, he is also half of the duo, Mellowhype with Hodgy Beats, and third member of Mellowhigh with Hodgy and Domo Genesis.

He has produced many songs for Odd Future, including for The Odd Future Tape & The OF Tape Vol. 2. He has also rapped on tracks such as "Oldie", "Real Bitch", "Swag Me Out", and also did the hook for " Trashwang".

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