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Jasper Dolphin
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Real Name

Davon Wilson


September 22, 1990

Family member(s)

Dark Shark (father)

Known for

Main cast member on Loiter Squad Hit song "Lisa" off of the OF mixtape Role in Tyler, the Creator's "Ghost of the Hotel"

Jasper Dolphin is a member of OFWGKTA, as well as a main cast member on the Adult Swim sketch-comedy series, Loiter Squad. His real name is Davon Wilson. His father, known as Dark Shark, can also be seen on the show, where he tells Jasper and the viewers what he did as a kid growing up. Jasper is an active skateboarder and he has known Tyler, the Creator for 6 years as one of Tyler's best friends. Jasper has been known to smoke high quantities of weed.


  • I Smell Panties
  • Bastard
  • Goblin
  • Wolf
  • The OF Tape

Featured Songs

  • Lilo Fucks Stitch
  • Tina
  • Lisa
  • Oldie
  • Bitch Suck Dick
  • We Got Bitches
  • Trashwang

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