Hodgy Beats (born November 9, 1990) is an American rapper and producer in OFWGKTA, one of two in the duo of MellowHype, and one of three in the rap group of MellowHigh. He is known for his hate of the police.

Music CareerEdit

Hodgy Beats was a part of the first OFWGKTA along with Tyler, the Creator, Super 3, Casey Veggies, and Left Brain. In late 2009, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain created MellowHype and made two albums called YelloWhite and BlackenedWhite. He is also a part of MellowHigh, a group that consists of MellowHype and Domo Genesis. They have released one self-titled album together. He has been on all the Odd Future mixtapes and albums.


Extended PlaysEdit

  • Untitled EP(2012)
  • Untitled 2 EP (2013)

MiThe Dena Tape (2009)Edit

With MellowHypeEdit

  • YelloWhite(2010)
  • BlackenedWhite(2011)
  • NUMB3R5(2012)

With MellowHighEdit

  • MellowHigh (2013)