channel ORANGE is the debut album of singer/rapper Frank Ocean of OFWGKTA. It will be released under Odd Future Records.


channel,ORANGE was announced in 2012 along with him revealing he was bisexual, and in love with a man. He released Forrest Gump, Bad Religion, and Pink Matter with him talking about him, and was confirmed to be on the album. The first song that was confirmed to be on the album was Pyramid, an almost 10 minute song and was confirmed as the tenth track on the album.

Track ListingEdit


2.Thinkin Bout You


4.Sierra Leon

5.Sweet Life

6.Not Just Money

7.Super Rich Kids

8.Pilot Jones

9.Crack Rock



12.White(feat. John Mayer)


14.Bad Religion

15.Pink Matter(feat.Andre 3000)

16.Forrest Gump

17.End/ Golden Girl

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